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We are always mixing things up with our signature drinks. So be on the lookout for some creative seasonal flavors!

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Manchester Car Show

June 11-12, 2016

Dorr Field (Next to the Dana L. Thompson Memorial Park

Route 30, Manchester, Vermont 05255

Check out the Manchester Car Show here!

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The Vermont Challenge

August 13 & 16, 2015

Dana L. Thompson Memorial Park

Manchester Center, Vermont 05255

Learn more about the Vermont Challenge here!

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Bondville Fair

August 26-28, 2016

30 Vermont Route 30, Bondville, Vermont 05340

Visit the Bondville Fair website HERE!

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Maple Leaf Half Marathon

September 12, 2015

Voted A Top Ten 2015 Fall Event by the Vermont Chamber of Commerce!

Dana L. Thompson Memorial Park

340 Rec Park Road Manchester Center, Vermont 05255

Check out the Maple Leaf Half Marathon here!

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Read our incredible story, it's fun!

It all started with a …

cup of coffee. Or really the lack thereof. My husband and I worked for our local ski area for many years. During that time one of the most common “complaints” was that there was no place to get a good cup of coffee. Sure, the base lodge had coffee but it was never really exceptional and there definitely wasn’t anyone on the mountain who knew how to spell or pronounce “espresso,” let alone pull a shot.

Starting a business when you are neck deep in grad school probably isn’t the best decision but that’s exactly what I did. I pulled a lot of all nighters to get my school work in on time and spent my days at the new coffee shop at our beloved local ski area.

We did really well, during the ski season. But, with very little revenue during the summer months we decided to leave the resort and search for a more stable, less seasonal location. We needed to restructure and reinvent if we were going to stay in Vermont. That’s where Better Buzz Mobile Espresso Bar comes in. Now we can go to events, fairs, weddings, parties and more. Being mobile is good, very very good.

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